Intro to Hurricash

Spam prevention on the blockchain
What is Hurricash?
Hurricash is a fully decentralized light-weight protocol for private transactions based on the linkable spontaneously anonymous group (LSAG) signature scheme. It is fully decentralized, anonymous without the need for zkSNARKS, offchain servers or additional infrastructure aside from the smart contracts themselves. Hurricash also includes a default relayer option for gasless withdrawals. Once launched it cannot be stopped.
The Goal of Hurricash
Private transactions are an essential building block of a vigorous DeFi ecosystem. The blockchain network is still in its early days and few privacy protocols currently exist. Hurricash hopes to bring this essential need to users and projects across various networks and assist with the preservation of freedom of speech.
There is currently no token but in the future we plan in theory to airdrop early users of our protocol and potentially have it operate and function as a utility and governance token. This is subject to change and nothing is currently certain or set in stone. Current plans of an airdrop thus far have been cancelled.
Why the name Hurricash?
Our name comes from the combination of the two words hurricane and cash. We enable users to protect their wallets from token spam, phishing and other potential threats through the use of private transactions. We use ring signatures based on the LSAG algorithm rather than zkSNARKS.
Official Links:
Discord: Deleted due to centralization.
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